Random Name Picker

Using a random name picker, you can pick one or more names randomly from a list of names. Among the many advantages of this random picker is its ability to select a winner in a lottery or raffle, choose a place for dinner, call out attendance, assign chores, and many more.

How does this name picker generate random names?

  1. Enter the list of names that you want to choose a winner from.
  2. Select the number of winners.
  3. Select the option “Filter Duplicates” if you do not want duplication or repetition.
  4. Click the “Pick Random Names” button to pick a random name.

What Is Random Name Picker?

The random name picker is a multifaceted random picker that uses an advanced algorithm to pick a random name from the provided list of names. The raffle generator is completely free to use and does not require the installation of any software or a plugin to operate. Based on the list provided, random results are generated. This makes it an ideal choice for raffles, lotteries, and random selection criteria for competitions. The name picker can pick one or multiple winners from the list provided by the user in a matter of seconds.